October 2012
Use our super tough TEBL asset protection trusts and
$ave Thou$and$ of Dollar$ in business loan interest payments and pay off your business loans faster with our 2004 Fintel Group invention.

Read what Sydney tax specialist firm WHK Horwarth says about our TEBL Trust structure:  

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A Fintel Group Case Study: The original business purchase was for a  Sydney retail business which was priced at $1,500,000 + stock. Because the buyers were using their home as security, they wanted to be sure to pay the loan off as fast as possible and asked us how to achieve it. After some research we came up with the FG-TEBL Trust which uses novel new loan  arrangements. This increased their after tax business income so they could pay off their loan  around 20% earlier and SAVED them over $30,000 in bank interest AND cut the time their home was at risk. So with our FG - TEBLE Trust their story had a very happy ending !
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