A4Companies & Fintel Group

New Super Deed Strategies

Protect your SMSF and family assets with our latest "Off The Shelf Super Fund" trust deed developments. These deeds are from a new range of A4 trust deeds including the new 'A4 Flexi-Trust™’ Deeds. Each of our "Off The Shelf" structure documents are designed to address particular SMSF strategies or to improve the SMSF benefits and results for you and your family, by improving the performance and outcomes of your SMSF.

Here are two examples:


Guard Your Family against SMSF Loan Debts.

Our new SMSF Security Trust documents include our unique Fintel Group, 'Super Loan Indemnity Trust'™ ('SLIT™') this is a separate compartment inside the trust which is designed to hold a debt protection insurance policy on the life of one or more SMSF Members. This strategy could protect the fund from the loss of the security asset which may occur if the fund cannot repay the loan debt particularly when the mortgage debt is still substantial. It guarantees that any other SMSF insurance benefits or assets will not need to be applied to retain the asset for the benefit of the Members family, the debt can be cleared and the asset retained for the family.


Borrow to Buy a Number of Separate Assets & Save.

When you order a new SMSF + Security Trust Pack you can include specifications in your new security trust deed to allow you to borrow to purchase a number of separate assets which is controlled by SISA S67B of the super law. For example to buy two or more properties under the same trust deed without the expense of purchasing separate security trust deeds or an extra Custodian company. Another example is where your SMSF Investment Strategy is modified when you intend to buy a number of investments in shares of different listed companies. So if you wanted to borrow to buy say 2 or 3 properties even 5 or 10 or more different listed company shares, you can do so with a single Fintel Group Security Trust and Custodian company which will provide you with substantial savings at start up and on an ongoing basis.

If you need help with understanding these options give us a call and we can help you plan the best way to execute your chosen investment strategies.