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Here's some Very Good Super News for You!    

If you want to buy property as a SMSF couple, or a family group, you share your super and the costs and have a safer way to invest using your private family super fund. The latest super. borrowing rules allow your SMSF to use your super. fund  cash as a deposit and your fund can borrow to buy real estate, shares or other permitted SMSF assets. We have researched the most effective legal and tax strategies so that you can accelerate your "Land & Build" property purchase and mortgage reduction. You will also be able to use our property 'Live In Option'.

Grab a FREE trial of our 'Super Home Owners Organiser Tool'™ and see if your resources will fit your own personal dream home property budget.

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A4Companies  SMSF Superannuation Funds
Special Features & Benefits of A4Companies SMSF Super. Funds

Complete Setup & advisory service by experienced SMSF advisor, since 1978.

  • Trust Deed allows for Personal or Company Trustees
  • Lump Sum or Pension Benefits including Allocated and Account based Pensions may be funded and paid
  • No Trust Deed restrictions on the number of Members
  • Specific clauses included to allow S48A of the Insurance Contracts Act to be utilised
  • Trust Deed allows Super fund property to be held in the name of a Nominee for the Fund.
  • Compact Disk (CD) with copies of all your Register documents including your Trust Deed, allows you to re-print copies of all Register stationery and Trust Deed.

Note: All our SMSF Super. Funds are ready to accept Contributions and Roll Over Benefits on delivery.