April 2015

NEW: Special Fintel Group Structures

SMSF+Trust Structure designed for Land & Build strategy ##

Designed especially for extended and valuable legal Super Strategies

  • Off the Plan Property Purchases
  • Land & Construction Purchases
  • Buy and Renovate existing Properties
  • The three strategies include a "Live In Option"
  • Available for both Residential and Commercial Property

## NB: See Fintel Group License conditions on Media Release page.


Discretionary Trust (Family Trust)

FG TEBL Trust® (Tax Effective Business Loan Trust)

Land Tax (NSW) Unit & Multi-Unit Trust

Super Gearing Trust (S67A/B)

Multi-Unit™ Trust

Unit Trust


Unit Trusts

All our Unit Trusts have 4 classes of units AND include unit issue on part payment terms to facilitate Tax and Stamp Duty planning on delivery.

Save Yourself $500 NSW DUTY.
Our trusts are settled in Queensland with our trustee company.

1. Unit Trust or Discretionary Trust
    Price: $450.00 + $45.00 gst

2. Multi-Unit Trust™ - Made to Order.
    Price: $950.00 + $95. gst

3. Super Gearing Trust (Super Custodian Trust) holds 3 to 30 multiple assets.
    Price from: $600.00 + $60.00 gst

Compact Disk (CD) with copies of all your Register documents including your Trust Deed, Disk allows you to print copies of all Register stationery and Trust Deed.
Stamp Duty (if applicable) is already paid on delivery.

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The Multi-Unit Trust is an invention of Fintel Group Pty. Limited which specialises in tax and financial planning. The Multi-Unit Trust consists of a Unit Trust with twenty-six (26) separate trusts inside the main trust. It was mainly designed to cover two particular situations:

1. To accommodate the situation when two or more unrelated persons or groups were combining to purchase or set up a business or investment venture, so that their interests could be joined without merging, and to avoid the cost of a second, third or fourth trust, each of which would also attract Stamp Duty.

2. To enable larger investors to legally deal with the costs associated with the Land Rich Trust provisions in Stamp Duty legislation effective in New South Wales and Victoria.

Each internal Trust has the same Unit classes and Partly Paid features as those set out above for the A4 standard Unit Trust.

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1. Principal Beneficiaries.

2. Relatives of a Principal Beneficiary:
(a) any person connected to a Principal Beneficiary by way of kinship, bloodline or genealogy or by marriage (whether legal, civil, religious or defacto); or
(b) any person considered by a Principal Beneficiary to be a relative because of a relationship of a kind not included in clause (a).

3. Company Beneficiaries - any corporation for its own benefit or in the capacity as Trustee of any Trust; in Australia or elsewhere, in which a beneficiary has an interest whether by share holding or membership of the Board of Directors.

4. Religious, Educational, Charitable Organisations - any Institution in Australia or elsewhere, established to give support for any charitable, educational, social, sporting or religious purposes, whether operated privately, by public company or by any government instrumentality.

- Appointor Flexibility -

Provides as follows:
either the person or persons (not exceeding two (2) or company who receive the powers of Appointor under the terms of the Trust Deed and who have been entered into the Appointor Register in Appendix A.

Trust Deed allows any Trust property to be held in the name of a Nominee for the Trust.

All our Trust Registers are presented in a Dove Grey A4, three ring Register approximately 48mm thick. It has long life Mylar tabulations separating each section, with full sets of stationery and record keeping facilities. All register documentation and Trust Deed files are included on CD disk. The disk allows you to print new stationery items and to re-produce all original Register documents.

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FG TEBL Trust® (Tax Effective Business Loan Trust)

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